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Lessons from the Top

District 46 Champion Marc Williams tells:
What It’s Like to be in World’s Top 9

Marc Williams

In August, Toastmaster Marc Williams jetted to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to represent District 46 in the World Championship of Public Speaking. By the end of the conference he had captured a spot at the finals, becoming one of the world’s top 9 public speakers and earning a place in Toastmasters history.

Marc said he learned 4 main lessons from his experience:

  1. Show them something they will remember.
    Marc joked that he is now famous around the world as the contestant who took off his pants. He explained that this idea started out as a gimmick. “But gimmicks don’t work. They distract from your message. As it turned out, taking off my pants illustrated my point and became a powerful metaphor for my message. If you can find a strong visual metaphor for your message, it becomes something the audience will remember.”
  2.

Richard Peck, DTM - Fall Conference Keynote Speaker

“Achieve Your Goals… Using Snowballs!”

Richard Peck, DTM

Oftentimes if our goals can feeling like pushing a boulder up a hill. A slow, arduous process that over time can wear us down. Eventually we get overwhelmed, give up, and let go of the boulder. As it rolls back down the hill another goal slips away.

In his keynote, “Achieve Your Goals… Using Snowballs!”, Richard will explain how we can change our boulders into snowballs. And, by using snowballs our goals will be more manageable, easier to push up the hill, and allow us to achieve more.


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Role of the Club Sponsor, Mentor or Coach

Why YOU want to be a club sponsor/mentor/coach!

Successful mentors and sponsors consider themselves a personal coach. Coaching involves a variety of skills which includes assessing, demonstrating, motivating, and tutoring. Successful mentors and sponsors are counselors and leaders and become role models to their mentees. By being willing to try your skills as a mentor/sponsor/coach, you are challenging yourself to higher leadership potential and acquiring leadership skills for any and all your future endeavors – in your community, church, non-profits, your workplace and your home.


The Traveling Gavel is making the rounds.

Long Island University-Brooklyn captured it on August 6th.

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