Club & Individual Incentives for 2014-2015

2015-2016 Officer Nominations

Congratulations to all candidates who have been nominated.You are future leaders of District 46.

The task of the Nominating Committee is to find the best candidates possible to serve as elected leaders.

Below is list of the candidates selected by the Nomination Committee for the election to the office of District 46, Year 2015-2016.

Position Nominee
District Director Jennifer Chan, DTM
Program Quality Director Tom Marino, DTM
Club Growth Director Mark Baker, DTM
Club Growth Director Bob Bowes, ACS, ALB
Club Growth Director Glen Ringersen, DTM
Division A Director Lauretta Jaysura, DTM
Division B Director Quinn Lemley, ACB, CL
Division B Director Zenobia Kelly, CC, ALB
Division B Director Grace Pemberton, CC, ALB
Division C Director Ivan Farkas, ACB, ALB
Division C Director Greg Leffler, ACG, ALB
Division D Director Marcia Chambers, ACB, ALB
Division D Director David Rush
Division E Director Lisa Qu, ACB, ALB
Division F Director Jim Johnson, ACG
Division G Director Pauline I.R. Edwards, DTM
Division G Director Randolph Hunt, DTM
Division G Director Karen Hutton, DTM
Division H Director Nancy Garlick, CC, ALB
Division H Director Louise A. Manigault, DTM

(Names are listed in the order of office and last name)

The nominees have been informed that the elections will be held on Saturday May 9, 2015 at the District 46 Spring Conference District Council Meeting.

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Role of the Club Sponsor, Mentor or Coach

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Successful mentors and sponsors consider themselves a personal coach. Coaching involves a variety of skills which includes assessing, demonstrating, motivating, and tutoring. Successful mentors and sponsors are counselors and leaders and become role models to their mentees. By being willing to try your skills as a mentor/sponsor/coach, you are challenging yourself to higher leadership potential and acquiring leadership skills for any and all your future endeavors – in your community, church, non-profits, your workplace and your home.


The Traveling Gavel is making the rounds.

E Z Speakers Toastmasters Club captured it on December 3rd.

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Welcome New Clubs

02-09-2015 - Club #4486183
Prosek Partners Toastmasters
New York, NY  -  Area 24

01-06-2015 - Club #4421334
Mind Masters
Hauppauge, NY  -  Area 84

12-02-2014 - Club #4389236
Pace Toastmasters
New York, NY  -  Area 52

10-23-2014 - Club #4315364
The World's Leading Toastmasters
New York, NY  -  Area 32

10-21-2014 - Club #4080286
Montefiore EPIToast
Yonkers, NY  -  Area 12

10-09-2014 - Club #4293827
The Cambria Heights Toastmasters Club
Cambria Heights, NY  -  Area 75

07-11-2014 - Club #4089768
New York, NY  -  Area 45

Spring 2015 Conference

Saturday, May 9, 2015 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
New York LaGuardia Airport Marriott

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Vanderbilt Club – 4/1/1960

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04-01-1960 - Club #3061
Vanderbilt Club
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04-01-1990 - Club #5446
Talk Of The Towers Club
New York, NY  -  Area 51

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